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Capsule Reviews of Current Movies
Check out what is playing now at your local movie theater...
Dark and Moody "Daredevil" Needs Better Story
Latest Marvel movie has great action, design but lacks decent story. Affleck good as brooding blind hero.
Spacey Promises No Moralizing in Death Penalty Film
In his new film, "The Life of David Gale," Kevin Spacey plays a character one might assume to be the actor's kindred spirit...
Cast, Crew Share Devotion in "Gods and Generals"
"Gods and Generals" leaves off where the 1993 movie "Gettysburg" begins.
Tilting at Windmills
The new documentary on Terry Gilliam's obsession with filmmaking, "Lost in La Mancha," plays like a doomed love story.
Rent It: '...Greek Wedding,' 'Full Frontal'
A less expensive chance to see a sleeper Hollywood hit and a star-packed stream-of-consciousness film at home.
High Marks for "Shanghai Knights"
Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson team up once again in the action comedy "Shanghai Knights," opening Friday in local theaters.
Don't Miss Chance to See "The Quiet American"
Michael Caine and Brenden Fraser star in the political thriller, "The Quiet American."


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