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Monday - Friday, 1pm-2pm on 760 The Zone

with Patrick Watkins

Sports with an attitude… get some! You hear the Zone’s big voice guy say it on-the-air frequently. Attitude! We bring it with syndicated sports god, Jim Rome, and we back it up with Rocky Mountain homeboy, Patrick Watkins, your host for The Zone’s “Sports Insiders.”

Hey, we don’t pimp anything we don’t believe in. And we believe Patrick Watkins is the perfect personality to bat second behind Romey on The Zone’s roster of show hosts. No bull. The man has the attitude you expect to hear from The Home of Rome. When he scored the gig as the host of the Zone Insiders, we asked for a statement:

“Hey, look, I’m just a regular Joe who grew up in Colorado and I just hope you and your buddies will check out my show…”

Then, to nobody’s surprise, Watkins continued:

“… because I’m going to give you the best damn radio show ever transmitted over any airwaves that ever traveled up-and-down the curvaceous landscape of the Rocky Mountain region. Here comes the King of Castle Rock, the Don Juan of Denver… get your butt behind the masonry, Little Piggies, because the Big Bad Wolf is going to blow your minds!”

Sports with an attitude… guaranteed. But Watkins is no one-trick pony. He’s got a lot of substance to support that kind of smack. He’s a rising star with the right credentials. Along with being the host of The Zone Insiders, Patrick mans the mic on the CU Buffs pre-, half, and post-game shows, “This Week in Rockies Baseball”, and “The Andrew & Watkins Radio Program” every Saturday at 8pm on The Zone. He is also a senior reporter for the sports department at Clear Channel Colorado, a color analyst for The Zone’s high sports broadcasts, and is the driving force behind all the comedy bits on 850 KOA’s popular program, “The Zoo.”

You’ve heard the hype. Now, catch the show. You’ll get all the inside information and genuine conversation about sports in the Rocky Mountains. Top-shelf guests. The most credible sources. On their turf. Under their terms. The Zone Insiders with Patrick Watkins, weekdays from 1-2 pm on 760, The Zone.


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